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Appointment Prices

* 1 hr Massage $80

Oil based massage focusing on rehabilitation & injury prevention. Using a variety of techniques that look at treating the cause of your symptoms. Massage techniques vary and include, deep tissue, trigger point, Raynor Method, and Cupping. Appointment will also include exercise assessment & prescription if required to help you overcome your injury or postural issues. 

* 1/2 hr Massage $45

Best suited for those who have acute issues that require several appointments in a short time frame of successfully overcome the issue causing concern. Or for those who only want a certain area addressed or find massage uncomfortable or confronting i.e elderly.

* 45min  In-fared Sauna $25

Shower facilities are available. 

* 1 hr Massage + 45min sauna $105

Great way to maximise the detox effect of massage.

Body Composition Scan - 15mins $25

Includes 12 page booklet to help you interpret your results.

About Services


* Cupping

Cupping uses suction as a means of deep tissue therapy which may help with joint and muscle pain, inflammation, blood-flow, detoxification & relaxation. I use the plastic suction cups not the traditional glass cups with require flames to heat up the air inside the cup for your safety and easy of treatment. I employ all 3 methods of cupping, the 'Stationary Cup' (as pictured), the cup stationary but the joint being moved passively to move the tissue that is under suction, and most frequently the 'Sliding Cup'  where the suction  is less so the cup can be moved over the tissue, check out a video clip HERE. My clients have experienced great results with utilizing the cups. Issues successfully treated include Plantar Fascitis, Elbow & Shoulder issues, Scapula trigger points. 

The treatment may leave a residue 'bruising', usually experienced in isolated areas where trigger points are noted. As the toxins from the localized area are cleared subsequent cupping does not raise bruising.

* In-fared Sauna

The In-fared panels in the sauna emit healthy wavelengths from the sun's energy spectrum without the damaging UV. It is these wavelengths penetrating the skin that cause the sweating response.  Therefore In-fared Sauna is effective at substantially lower temperatures than conventional steam/hot rock saunas, making for a much more comfortable experience. Our body readily absorbs far infrared or healthy light (energy) to a depth of 45mm creating a deep, penetrating heat that relaxes, soothes and loosens sore joints and muscles. Other benefits include strengthening the cardiovascular system, boosts the immune system, detoxification, improved skin texture, and burns calories! Yes!! 1 gram of sweat requires the burn of .586 kcal. More information on benefits can be found HERE

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