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Body Composition Analysis 

Find out what you are really made of with an InBody 570 Scan. Your body composition goes beyond how you look and feel about yourself. For example the amount of lean muscle mass you have directly influences your Bone Density, Immune System effectiveness, and your Basal Metabolic Rate. 

Private scanning can be done at Total Muscle Management Clinic in Rivervale or you can book a mobile consultation for your workplace, sports team, meet-up group or health conscious group of friends. 

Massage Therapy

Oil based massage focusing on rehabilitation and injury prevention. Cupping is an added modality if requested or required, but always optional. The massage is firm working on Trigger Points and finding the underlying issue that may be creating the dysfunction or discomfort being experienced. 

Massage technique is adjusted to individual needs and outcomes. Maryse does not use elbows or other instruments as she relies on her innate ability to feel and locate the areas of concern through touch. 

Send on email to book an appointment, find out more or alternatively call

0408 422927


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Maryse Jensen has 18+ years as a practicing Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer focusing on rehabilitation and injury prevention. 

Over this time clients have presented with an array of issues and requirements including Elite Athletes, World Class Musicians, Children, Elderly, Pregnancy and Post Partum Recovery, Postural and Repetitive Strain issues, and of course just about every ache and pain possible.

Body Composition Analysis Scanning has recently been added to the clinics services due to her belief in holistic health care and prevention. 

Reviews from Social Media

A couple of years ago Maryse helped me with my frozen shoulder I had and now I’m back with my other shoulder that has seized up. I can honestly say after my first massage session today my shoulder has felt so much better, she also used cupping! I can’t wait to see her next week. She’s such a lovely, caring, compassionate massage therapist that listens to you and her knowledge in massage therapy, the human body and in health is amazing! I know Im in good hands with Maryse. I highly recommend her!

Regina - March 2018

Absolutely love visiting Maurice for my deep tissue massage therapy! As a cyclist and a fifo worker my muscles often get sore and tight!

Absolutely magic

Maddie - March 2018

My wife and I both had total body scans today with Maryse and were very impressed.
Maryse explained the results in an easy to understand manner and we left with a clear picture of all areas of the body to work on.
Maryse put us both at ease with a relaxed setting for our private consultation.
We would recommend Maryse to anyone who wants a clear understanding of a starting point on thier way to a fitter and healthier life

Gary - March 2018

Maryse knows exactly what she doing and can tell you exactly what muscles are sore and tender before you say anything

Gloria - Feb 2018

If you want the best treatment then Total Muscle Management will deliver top results every time. You will be fully assessed to determine what treatment will suit you and also receive rehabilitation exercises if applicable. I’ve been to many places before and Maryse’s treatment delivers top results helping me achieve my goals on World Class Level in cycling. She always pick up on problems that I’m not even aware of before it turns into an injury. I definitely recommend her no matter who you are quality service is paramount and the name says it all Total Muscle Management.

Adelia - Feb 2018

I highly recommend Maryse to anyone needing injury rehabilitation & muscular management. Maryse has wonderful intuitive remedial massage skills and your up most care at heart.

Nicky - Jan 2018

All I can say is Fantastic! Maryse is definitely a wizard when I comes to a massage. A professional and friendly place to go to help get your body's alignment, aches and pains rectified. There is also infrared sauna, body analysis scans and cupping as extra services. Will definatley be going back.

Daniel - Oct 2017

The best ever! I've had shoulder problems for 15 years, and many massages. No one ever come near to helping me before Maryse. Maryse quickly identified what was causing my problems, and she has worked on them with the highest expertise and thoroughness. For the first time in 15 years, I'm confident that my problems will be sorted out.

Sarah - Oct 2017

Meet the talented Maryse Jensen from Total Muscle Management. For those who haven't met Maryse yet please do yourself a favour and book an appointment if you require remedial massage and good sound advice on correct stretching techniques. I highly recommend her as a professional practitioner but she also has that special gift of natural ability to pin point problem issues. Thanks again Maryse. Feeling a little bit springier than I did yesterday

​SUP Tonic Australia - Sept 2017

I've being trying different kind of massages and therapies, but only Maryse knows how to fix my back. I've been in pain for months and it seemed that nothing would work for me. But Maryse found my trigger spots, softened my tight neck and shoulders, and restore my mobility straight away. Moreover, she'll surround you with her fantastic energies and beautiful smile. If you really want to treat and pamper yourself, this is the right place. Her knowledge, professionalism and courtesy are beyond compare.

Bianca - Aug 2017

I have experienced masseuses all around the world but none with the expertise and know how like that of Maryse. It's been over a year since I started visiting Maryse and my back and body have never felt better. Not only is she an amazing masseuse, but an outstanding physical-well-being consultant. She is extremely knowledgeable in all that is "health" and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She also has an advanced body scan machine that she used to analyze much of my physical composition and then instruct me in a very detailed and comprehensible fashion on how to improve my diet with a complete exercise program. Maryse is truly one of a kind.

Eric - July 2017

Maryse is one of the most professional masseuses I know. Her friendly nature and desire to truly help her customers puts her head and shoulders above the rest. She has a tremendous knowledge not only about the human body and its functionality but also how to maintain its optimal health. I do not hesitate to recommend friends and family to Total Muscle Management.

​Daniel - March 2017

Maryse is a very professional, experienced, thorough and compassionate massage therapist. I look forward to each of my sessions and appreciate the knowledge and understanding of the body that she works with. She is very responsive to client needs and changing circumstances. Each session brings a new level of healing and motion.

Carley - March 2017

I've been going to Maryse for about 6 months now and have seen a marked improvement in my flexibility and recovery. She has a fantastic ability to locate the actual issue of any pain and treats it in a variety of methods including massage, stretching and cupping. Whenever anyone says they have any form of muscle pain she's always my first recommendation.

Matt - March 2017

Maryse is an absolute wizard with her hands! I suffer from intense shoulder/neck pain from working an office job, and there is no one else I trust to relieve my tension and tightness. Without fail, Maryse works her magic every time and I leave my appointment feeling relaxed, de-stressed and full of beans! Not to mention her great chat - Maryse is full of knowledge (not only limited to muscle management) and always provides professional advice/remedies to reduce discomfort. 10 out of 5 stars for this lady!

Catherine - Feb 2017

I had my second massage today with Maryse. As a keen (aged 52) surfer with a form of Spina bifada, osteopenia, labial tear, a former prolapsed disc and recommended for a hip replacement etc I was recommended Totalmusclemanagement. Surfing's my "therapy" my "go to place" however I wasn't getting up on my board easily as I felt seized up and have a poor posture. I reduced my surfing and (trust me on this one) I'm a much happier person when I can surf. I've been told to give it up .... (never !). Within two days of Maryse's massage last time I was up on the board within 5 seconds (from 15 and by then I'd missed the wave unfortunately). Whilst it's not a soft tissue-tickling massage, my muscles work so much better afterwards in comparison with taking the recommended painkilling meds...(Movalis). Maryse is individual who has a spontaneous personality, lovely humor exuding calmness and I sincerely wish her a successful future with her evident talent.

Vanessa - Dec 2016

A fabulous massage from Maryse yesterday, so therapeutic and I think she has really put my arm back on the road to recovery at last. I Can't wait till my next appointment!

​Laurence - Nov 2016

Arrived in Australia with a badly bruised knee after falling over my suitcase. Maryse managed to put her finger on the problem straight away. She has a lovely bubbly personality coupled with a confident anatomical knowledge and a thorough understanding of pain management. She alleviated my discomfort and after a second treatment with her I am now well on the way to recovery and able to enjoy my holiday.

Sylvia - Oct 2016

This is the best place to go if you want to get relive from sore muscles - results guaranteed. A massage followed by a infrared sauna is awesome, relaxing and refreshing. This is now part of my weekly routine and the best part is getting professional advice. I have been to many people before who claim they know what they are doing but this is the real deal!

​Adelia - Sept 2016

I went to Maryse with very tense shoulder/neck area from repeatedly sitting at my computer desk and nursing a newborn. I walked away feeling amazing. I love a hard massage and Maryse delivered with firmness and skill. I highly recommend her to anybody considering her business. See you again this week Maryse!

Jasmine - Sept 2016

Hey Maryse, you're a bloody marvel!! Thanks for today's massage, I almost feel brand new again for an old codger anyway! .

Gordon - Aug 2016

Maryse, you are a champion! After my 200km weekend of cycling you sorted my legs, back and neck and I am feeling great! Best massage I have had.

John - Nov 2015

"This is the best massage I have ever had"
Working FIFO, 12 hour days, construction work, uncomfortable donga beds and small crapped plane seats.
I wish to express my thanks to Maryse for the care and treatment she carried out on my shoulders and neck. My pain immediately reduced and mobility increased.
Looking forward to the next session.

Richard - Oct 2015


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Tel: +61 408 422 927


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