Body Composition Analysis 

Find out what you are really made of with an InBody 570 Scan. Your body composition goes beyond how you look and feel about yourself. For example the amount of lean muscle mass you have directly influences your Bone Density, Immune System effectiveness, and your Basal Metabolic Rate. 

Private scanning can be done at Total Muscle Management Clinic in Rivervale or you can book a mobile consultation for your workplace, sports team, meet-up group or health conscious group of friends. 

Massage Therapy

Oil based massage focusing on rehabilitation and injury prevention. Cupping is an added modality if requested or required, but always optional. The massage is firm working on Trigger Points and finding the underlying issue that may be creating the dysfunction or discomfort being experienced. 

Massage technique is adjusted to individual needs and outcomes. Maryse does not use elbows or other instruments as she relies on her innate ability to feel and locate the areas of concern through touch. 

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Maryse Jensen has 18+ years as a practicing Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer focusing on rehabilitation and injury prevention. 

Over this time clients have presented with an array of issues and requirements including Elite Athletes, World Class Musicians, Children, Elderly, Pregnancy and Post Partum Recovery, Postural and Repetitive Strain issues, and of course just about every ache and pain possible.

Body Composition Analysis Scanning has recently been added to the clinics services due to her belief in holistic health care and prevention. 


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