Case Study #3 Massage for Mums To Be

As nice as it is to receive a pampering massage while pregnant this is not always what the pregnant body needs. All my pregnant clients say they have serious aches and pains in various parts as tendons and ligaments soften ready for the birth process, the body weight goes up and centre of gravity changes. Massage is an important addition to your wellness program during pregnancy to address the body pains, relax and help lymphatic fluids drain.

I combine massage with my knowledge and experience of strength/conditioning and exercise during pregnancy to advise how to prevent muscle, tendon strain now and as the pregnancy progresses. Simple exercises to keep the Sacroiliac joint, transverse abdominis and upper trapezius strong and pain free. What exercises or movement patterns to avoid while pregnant such as strong twists. Food and eating advise to ensure a strong healthy baby can develop and mum avoids excessive weight gain and risk of gestational diabetes.

Its such a joy and privilege to provide care to my pregnant clients.

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