Case Study #1 - Keen surfer back on the waves

A 52yr old mad keen surfer presented with ongoing hip pain. She was no longer able to get up on the board due to sever pain and limited movement of the hip. Now living on strong pain killers daily and a recommendation for a Hip Replacement Surgery which she desperately wanted to prolong as long as possible, this client was hoping that massage could be of some relief to her constant pain.

After range of movement assessment I suggested some strengthening and stretching exercises and worked on the trigger points in her Hip Flexors and Glut area. The trigger points were very painful, but after the first massage she noted a remarkable change in her mobility.

Now after regular massages over the last couple of months which included cupping at times, she now has reduced her pain management medication, able to move much freer and most importantly is now able to 'Get Up' and catch a wave.

It is great being able to help a client to get back doing something that they love so much.

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